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Public Service Announcement
4:59 PM ET on 10/30/12 by Jay Soester
The NBA season starts tonight at 7 PM ET with the Cavaliers hosting the Wizards. The national broadcasts kick off on TNT with the Heat getting their rings before hosting the Celtics at 8 PM ET. Make sure you're NBA Standings Pickem entries are in by 6:57 PM ET.

As always, I'd like to make the public service announcement that NBA League Pass can be seen for free by those with access until next Tuesday, November 6th. Hopefully I'm not alone in enjoying free stuff.

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Heat Check?
7:12 PM ET on 6/28/12 by Jay Soester
With the NBA season a week gone by, and hopefully enough time passed to let anger subside, I'm curious to see if the Heat's championship changes anyone's opinion of the team.

Looking it up, 20 members have registered with the Heat as their favorite NBA team. Being from South Florida, that includes me. I imagine a majority of members hate the Heat given the events of the past two years, but I'm curious on the outside opinions regardless. Let me know your thoughts on the championship via the NBA Offseason Thread on the league message board. Or, if you can't stand talking about the Heat (which I can understand given ESPN), comment on your team's draft pick.

Given the results of the recent "What are you Watching?" poll where only 40% of the members that voted were following the NBA playoffs, I'd imagine many weren't swayed one way or the other by NBA Playoffs itself.

While I have you, don't forget the CFL season begins just under 24 hours from now at 7 PM ET on Friday. Sign up for CFL Pickem and get your picks in before the games begin.

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What are you watching?
10:48 AM ET on 6/1/12 by Jay Soester
I put up a variant of this poll every season it seems. I wanted to put this up yesterday after the pair of OT games in each series of the night, but a busy day pushed it back.

Which Series Are You Watching?

  • Stanley Cup
  • NBA Conference Finals
  • Both
  • Neither

Reply to the poll thread with your answer's explanation. I'm curious to see if the answer changes by region of the country (or internationally).

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NHL & NBA Playoffs Assignment
11:26 PM ET on 4/24/12 by Jay Soester
I'm looking for some help on an NHL & NBA Playoffs Assignment that's designed to help me test things out before setting up an NHL and/or NBA Playoffs Fantasy Game on the league website as soon as possible. The first draft for the assignment took place on April 12th, a day after the NHL playoffs began. I'm looking for at least six members to help me set up a draft prior to the NBA playoffs beginning and prior to the NHL's second round starting.

You can participate by sending a list of at least 60 (NBA) or 108 (NHL) players (making sure to account for any players that haven't been guaranteed of being in the playoffs or next round yet) or by replying with a draft time that works for you. While I'm not optimistic that my schedule will work to sort out a live draft in the next few days, I'm hopeful six other members can pair up at a given time. I'll also need help setting up a basketball excel file similar to the one for the NHL game that has relevant player stats for all players that can be drafted. Giving a list and/or participating in a live draft is worth at least 3 BP while helping with the file can be worth five or more.

For more information please read the first post of the thread and the most recent. If you have any questions, please reply to the thread.

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Public Service Announcement
11:57 PM ET on 12/26/11 by Jay Soester
As I switch over to watch the 76ers at the Blazers after Monday Night Football, it's my duty to give this public service announcement. The NBA League Pass package has a free preview for those that can access it from today until Sunday, January 8th. That's a seventh of the shortened season available for free. Unfortunately, it comes when there's plenty of other sports on TV to fill your TV-watching time, but nothing beats free. Hopefully I'm not the only one able to use the package.

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Games Available Reminder
11:24 PM ET on 12/22/11 by Jay Soester
Cirque de DenísIf the image to the left won't inspire you to submit your entry for NBA Standings Pickem, nothing will. The deadline for entries is 11:57 AM ET on Sunday, before the quintet of Christmas Day games that kick off the season. It's the only game currently available for the 2011-2012 season that has yet to begin. What the hell are you looking at? Dennis Rodman's appearance for an all-star game in Macau featuring retired NBA players, mostly from the 90's.

Don't forget to join the other games currently available as well:
Fantasy Golf ID: 7050/Password: 123456
Fantasy Tennis (Unofficial)
NFL Pickem
NFL Locks
Premier League Pickem (Unofficial)
Fantasy Premier League ID: 7979/Password: 123456

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League Poll - NBA Lockout
11:59 PM ET on 11/3/11 by Jay Soester
With a full month of the season already cancelled and the prospects for a season changing by the day, I'm curious as to what ASFL2 members think of the NBA Lockout and its impact on your fan-hood and fantasy sports participation. Reply to this thread on the message board if the lockout has changed your opinion of the NBA.

You can pick between the choices below, here.
  • I don't care about the NBA.
  • I don't care about the NBA, but I miss Fantasy Basketball.
  • I can do without the NBA until Christmas.
  • I'm fine with missing some games, so long as there's a Fantasy Basketball season.
  • I can do without the NBA until the NFL season is over.
  • Just give me the playoffs.
  • The whole situation pisses me off.
  • Just bring it back ASAP.

If you missed my piece on what the lockout means for ASFL2 competitions, you can read it here.

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What the NBA Lockout Means for ASFL2
5:40 PM ET on 10/14/11 by Jay Soester
Well, we've lost two weeks of the NBA season and consequently two weeks of the 21 week Fantasy Basketball regular season.

You know something's up when it gets the Taiwanese animation treatment.

For the current state of affairs and how it effects the ASFL2 Fantasy Basketball season, click the "Read More" link below. All links to external websites open in a new window.

Read More

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NBA Playoffs Pickem Results
11:54 PM ET on 6/12/11 by Jay Soester
This was just the third time since the NBA expanded its postseason format to eight teams from each conference in the 1983-84 season that the NBA postseason finished before the NHL postseason, excluding strike-infuenced seasons. If the Canucks win game six on Monday, the ending dates of the two postseasons will match those of 2002, the last time the NBA finished first.

With that bit of trivia out of the way, I can congratulate Skip Wilson for winning the 2010-2011 edition of NBA Playoffs Pickem with 43 points. He finished three points ahead of Kraig Monkman, who was the only member to correctly pick the Mavericks to win the championship. Mike Brekke (35), Tim Schneider (35) and Javier Martinez (33) rounded out the top five.

Mike Miles finished in 15th place for three championship points to gain three more points on Anders Nilsson after he finished in 32nd place. Miles now holds a 640-628 advantage with NHL Playoffs Pickem, NHL Standings Pickem and overall Standings Pickem & overall Playoffs Pickem remaining.

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The Finals Are Set
6:32 PM ET on 5/30/11 by Jay Soester
The Eastern Conference Finals wrapped up on consecutive days last week. The NBA's version finished Thursday night with the Heat beating the Bulls in game 5. The NHL's version finished Friday night with the Bruins defeating the Lightning in game 7. Both series concluded after their respective Western counterparts to set up each league's Championship series.

With the NBA's conference finals wrapping up before the NHL's, that increased the likelihood for a rare occurance- the NBA Finals concluding before the Stanley Cup is won.

Read More

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